Has anyone implemented the integration for NCB FAC payment gateway?

Currently working on a little project building a payment gateway using the NCB FAC integration.

I’ve made some good progress using the API’s in the documentation. I was able to send a successful Transaction, and it was approved.

Are you integrating it for a custom website or WordPress website?

The goal is to integrate it with a WordPress website. But currently I created a separate project using Php Laravel to test it.

Interesting… I’'m doing the same thing but with Sagicor

So if all goes well, all that I can do host this the laravel project as a separate project and then point it to the WordPress website.

Ohh really bro … We can sync-up then and share knowledge.

but I’m wondering if I should try to reverse engineer the Wordpress plugin

The two types of Plugins that I shared in the group ?

buy the webgold fac plugin

Oh no, too expensive.
300 per year bro

that’s not bad, especially if u expect to make sales soon or the client

No man, thats expensive when you can build it out yourself.
But I understand what you mean.

How many hours he spent on the development so far?

what’s the opportunity cost?

Well a good amount of time learning the documentation.
But its worth it because I’m making a little progress.

U don’t have to renew
It’s just so you get their updates
So dev cost of approx 50us per hour.
So if u can build the plugin in less than 6 hours go ahead.

Otherwise don’t waste time

Lol I already have started the development.
But its okay

I guess he wont be able to assist in the custom development then ?

I think it’s a matter of opportunity cost