Which two JavaScript Unit Testing Framework would you recommend?

  • MochaJS
  • JEST
  • Jasmine
  • Karma

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1. MochaJS

MochaJS has been one of the most popular JavaScript testing frameworks since 2011. It operates on Node.js and provides compatibility for both frontend and backend asynchronous testing. With firm documentation support, Mocha has proven to be a well-established framework over the past few years.


JEST is arguably the most popular JavaScript testing framework used and maintained by Facebook. The JEST testing framework provides a “zero-configuration” testing experience.

3. Jasmine

Introduced in 2010, Jasmine is an open-source JavaScript testing framework. It is capable of testing all types of JavaScript applications. This framework supports Behavioral Driven Development (BDD). Using Jasmine, one can perform test cases similar to user behaviour on a website. Jasmine is highly influenced by JS Spec, Rspec.

4. Karma

Karma is another popular open-source productive testing environment. It allows a QA to perform tests for an application in different environments. Karma allows the application script to be executed on real browsers and devices like phones and tablets. Karma aims to provide a testing environment for developers wherein they don’t need to set up loads of configurations. Instead, they can just run the tests and get instant feedback.