What are your tips for getting starting in Tech without a degree?

I’ve been getting this question a lot lately. So many persons are pivoting into tech, seeing value to the community and opportunities for themselves. Help a fellow out. What’s your top advice for starting in tech without a degree?

A good Portfolio. Having a nice little website or place where you can digitally showcase your skills remains highly important. Do some personal projects that will catch the eyes of onlookers and add them to your portfolio.

How to get started in Tech without a degree?

I’ve gotten the question many times over the last few years and I’ll answer it based on my experience. By the way, I’m a web developer so it might be biased in that regard. My top advice is to stop waiting for someone to come down with golden manuscripts, do your research and start learning something that you’re interested in now. Many persons I’ve talked to have said that they are not ready and good things come to those who wait, however, greater things come to those who take action. Time is a finite resource that waits for no man.

How do I know what I want to learn?

Establishing what you like and what you want to do is an important first step. Do you want to build database architectures? Do you like converting designs into interactive websites? Do you want to try penetrating a website’s security measures or do you want to build an app for your phone? Find a list of tech roles and go through them one by one using the process of elimination to find at least 3 roles you’re interested in. After you have established what you want, a quick search on Youtube opens you up to endless learning possibilities. In addition, Udemy and Skillshare are great platforms for learning a wide array of topics for a small fee. If you didn’t have any money like me and are interested in coding, websites such as Free Code Camp, Scrimba and Codecademy are amazing resources you can use to start learning. Platforms, resources and information are out there but it’s up to you to take consistent steps towards your goals.

My 2 cents on Portfolios

I agree with Jason that having a good portfolio is beneficial, however, a portfolio can only do so much and nothing more. Not to mention that for it to be useful, first people have to find it. From my experience networking has led to greater opportunities than a portfolio. It allows you to build stronger links which may lead to great opportunities in the future. Showing your skills is important but developing relationships where you are considered for potential roles should be a priority. LinkedIn is a great platform for networking, check it out.

Now I won’t brag but if a 17 year old can build a Covid-19 tracker and website for his school, you can get into tech:

Also, if you have any questions feel free to reach out, I have no problem clearing up any confusion you may have.

Where to start learning?

Free Platforms:

Paid Platforms:


I would look into the best programming books that are free online. resources - What is the single most influential book every programmer should read? - Stack Overflow


Good tip. Funnily, JavaScript framework based books always amuses me. To me, they have a short shell life.