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This forum was launched to help you and other digital professionals build and market your skills, learn and share your knowledge, get help online and interact with other professionals with a community of highly proficient technical officers and companies while providing valuable information about technology-related events, jobs, resources and initiatives.

Caribbean Tech Connect aims to create avenues for Caribbean digital professionals to thrive and drive regional and global development through technology. We also aim to make learning, designing and developing solutions more effective with active participation, collaboration and contribution.

Thank you for registering on our forum. If you have any questions, suggestions or recommendations, please let us know by contacting us by visiting https://caribbean.dev/contact/

Oshane Bailey
Co-Founder of Caribbean Tech Connect, Osoobe Ltd and Jamaican Developers Community
Docker Community Leader for Jamaica

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Why did we choose Discourse as our forum platform?

Discourse is an open source forum-based platform. Similar to other forum platforms, Discourse is great for public conversations that are indexed by Google. Community managers can control how users are invited and what information is public, but it is possible for users who are not members to view conversations (passive viewing).

So what’s the value of using Discourse?

  1. Provide an interconnected service using various services and applications to reduce the need of having multiple accounts and multiple websites that aren’t referred to each other.
  2. Better content quality and SEO standing via self referencable cross-platform content
  3. Reduce the disconnect between applications and services companies have, which in turn help their customers to be aware of related content and services.
  4. Applications, documentation, help and support websites are streamlined as one service and content management system