Useful git commands

Add a file to the staging area

git add <file>

To add all files in the current directory, use . in place of <file>.

git add .

Commit Changes

Commit changes that are already tracked and staged

git commit -m "<message>"

If you want to add all changes made to tracked files & commit

git commit -a -m "<message>"

# or

git commit -am "<message>"

Amend or change the last commit message

git commit --amend

Amend and add new changes to the last commit

git commit -a --amend
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Find branches the commit is on

git branch -a --contains <commit>

I wish there was an easy way to reset a github project.

I believe there’s a command for it, but i just normally delete .git folder and re-init the project. I’m assuming that’s what you mean by reset.

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Reset meaning deleting the .git folder and starting again. This works locally but not on github. Dont remember what happens when this is tried. I think github still keeps the history. I will have to try again.

Yea, its done locally, but what I normally do afterwards is to do a force push to the repo with the delete all remote branch commands.

Apart from that, I believe Gitlab has something to reset the project. I’m not sure about Github.

In my experience as a developer, the most useful git commands(unrelated to pushing to repository) would be git restore . and git stash(as well as git stash apply)