Recording for Demo Day 3

Topic: Demo Day (Dec 2021 - Taslan (Tode CLI)
Date: Jan 4, 2022 05:33 PM

Meeting Recording:

About the event

Venue: Online event (Zoom)
Time: Fourth Tuesday of each month at 6 pm
Demographics: Students, Entry Level and Intermediate Professionals
Number of presenters: 1 - 2


Taslan Graham, Software Engineer - RealDecoy Global Services
Taslan specializes in building web-based applications, and occasionally blogs about web development. When he’s not writing code, he’s busy reading or capturing photos with his camera.

Tode CLI

CLI tool for scaffolding Node API. Suitable for projects that requires a database.


  • Sccaffolds a NodeJs API project
  • Ability to generate Controllers (routes)
    • Routes are auto registered when you create a controller (no need for you use app.use(<PATH>, <ROUTER-MODULE>) anymore )
  • Ability to generate Models that maps to database tables
  • Ability to generate Service files
  • Ability to to add JWT based authentication to your app with a single command
  • Comes with Knex.js Built in
  • Comes with an easy to use ORM, Objection.js
    • Objection.js is built on top of Knex.js to allow easy database operations
  • Self documenting API
  • 100% Typescript :wink:


$ npm install -g tode-cli
$ tode create-project hello-world



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