Recording for Demo Day #01

Date: May 25, 2021 06:49 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Meeting Recording:

About the event

Venue: Online event (Zoom)
Time: Fourth Tuesday of each month at 7 pm
Demographics: Students, Entry Level and Intermediate Professionals
Number of presenters: 2 - 3


Colin Campbell
Owner of Goble & Eazley Technology, software developer and student at the UWI. Colin is driven to create help others through his knowledge and skills and has turned his tech hobby projects into passionate career drivers. Colin had worked on several projects such as ArtifactsPro and PharmaReconcile, with the aim of addressing major pain points in the business process flow.

Oswald Smith
Oswald is a full stack developer and Flutter enthusiast, who is passionate about the role of tech in nation-building. Oswald has participated in several national efforts. He voluntarily implemented Google Transit in Jamaica enabling greater convenience for public commuters and making Jamaica the first Caribbean country to do so.


Particular Presence Technologies
Particular Presence Technologies is focused on pragmatic approaches to problem-solving using technology. This simply means our focus is on the successful result that brings joy and satisfaction to our clients. The execution of that approach varies from client to client which is why we come to the table with an open mind and no preconceived opinions.

Vertis Technology

Vertis Technology Solutions Limited is an IT services and solutions provider partnering with clients to foster technology innovation. We simplify IT complexity and transform their businesses to experience returns on their IT investment.

Speaker Contacts

Colin Campbell

Projects: ArtifactsPro | PharmaReconcile | Eazley
Eazley Project Demo Document Version Control Platform - ArtifactsPro Introduction (Product Demo) - YouTube
IG: @dev.colin
LinkedIn: Colin Campbell

Oswald Smith

Project: Light Bill Tracker
IG: @oswaldasmith
Twitter: @oswaldasmith
LinkedIn: Oswald Smith

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