Recording for Career Day Meetup: #1 - CyberSecurity

In this session, we are looking at two roles under security. With the pandemic disrupting work as we know it and the plethora of businesses that have joined the digital transformation movement, cybersecurity has become a point of focus. In instances such as the JAMCOVID breach, we see where functionality and working software was prioritised over security and the far-reaching cost of neglecting security. In light of these events, we are focusing on roles in security this April.

Topic: Career Day
Start Time : Apr 20, 2021 05:33 PM

Meeting Recording:

Guest Professionals

Gavin Dennis - Ethical Hacker

CEO of G5 CyberSecurity Ltd., Founder G5 CyberSecurity Foundation, Community Leader for Caribbean Cybersecurity and Privacy Association.
Gavin is a Cybersecurity Engineer and Consultant with several years of international experience in the cybersecurity industry. He has championed the growth of Caribbean CyberSecurity communities.

Andrew Gordon

Andrew has been the Principal and I.T. Security Consultant of Gomex Institute of Technology since 2009. He has over a decade of experience in information security and has work many hats regionally working, advocating and consulting in Data Privacy, Policy Development, Infrastructure Design, Security Auditing and Computer Forensics.