Recording for Career Day #05 - DevOps

Date: November 23, 2021

Meeting Recording


Dale-Kurt Murray - Director of Engineering and Operations, Lunar Ops, Inc. a DevOps Consultancy firm based in New York and Site Reliability Engineer at Adobe with more than 15 years of Cloud Infrastructure and Linux Systems Administration.
He is an advocate for DevOps mentoring and guiding junior and experienced engineers in DevOps, as well as, cloud-native technologies. During his career, he has worked in different industries architecting and implementing performant scalable cloud infrastructure solutions.

Randolph McClean - MCSA, AWS Certified
Technical Architect, Particular Presence, a software house based in Jamaica, focusing on pragmatic approaches to problem-solving using technology. He is an Amazon and Microsoft certified developer with almost 9 years of experience. Randolph is adept at simplifying complex tasks and is focusing on building his expertise with cloud architecture and distributed enterprise systems.