Questions from the "Meet and Greet Your Tech Community Leaders" event

Jared Chambers
what would you say is the outlook for cybersecurity in Jamaica and the Caribbean?
Also you could you please re-mention the site/platform that you had the resources for cybersecurity?

Shannon Clarke
what is the suggested approach for requesting a quotation for a security assessment?

Jared Chambers
what would you say is the main difference between just a cybersecurity consultant like yourself and a cybersecurity engineer?

Shannon Clarke
Perhaps in your services contract, you can include a clause offering the client to pay for a security assessment from an authorized party?
What was the name of the spec that Gavin mentioned?

Norrisha Fisher
I am currently a 2nd year student in Bsc Artificial Intelligence & Computer Systems at the Caribbean Maritime University, presently learning/practicing HTML, CSS and JavaScript, any tips? A.I sources moving forward? Thoughts on A.I?

Patrick Witter
How would you document a game your developing?

Tip for how can we make ourselves more visible?

Brian & Charity
Gavin: For clarity, are you suggesting that there might be more “individualism” in Jamaica than in other countries?