Is there a Telegram group for Jamaican Developers?

I’m interested in communicating with other developers in Jamaica. Is there are Telegram, Whatsapp, Slack or discord group?

  • Yes, JaD has a Telegram group.
  • We also have a Telegram Bot (@JaDevCoBot) that you can receive notification and send replies without visiting the community forum. However, you will need to sign up on our community forum first before you can use the bot.
  • Lastly, we also have a channel that you can subscribe to.
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We also have Slack group, DM me if you’re interested in joining our Slack group.

Howver, we do not have a Whatsapp group, but there are 4 other tech whatsapp group that you could join. They are:

  • Make.Better
  • Flutter Group
  • Docker Group
  • Facebook Developers Circle

We don’t have a discord group. However, we can you provide with an API endpoint for you to add it to your discord group to get events, jobs and other feeds.

For users to receive notifications

  1. Send a message to the bot, you’ll receive a message back that looks like

To get notifications for Discourse, enter the ‘Chat ID’ 1234567 in your user preferences

  1. Visit your Discourse user preferences, and paste the number in the Telegram Notifications box
  2. You should now receive notifications by telegram message!