How to Deliver a Wordpress Website to a Client in 8 steps?

What are some of the things I need to do prior to handing over the site to a client?

Here’s a really great example of what you need to do from the white labeling with limited access to the site.

  • 00:27 Wordpress Client Portal / Client login
  • 03:28 Wordpress Google Analytics
  • 08:14 Wordpress Favicon change
  • 09:35 Wordpress User Registration
  • 11:12 Elementor User Roles / Role Manager
  • 13:21 Wordpress Customization
  • 16:04 Explainer video

Recommended Plugins

White Label CMS

Use this plugin to:

  • Change the logo of the website on the login/register page, admin bar, etc.
  • Hide menus and functionalities that you don’t want your client to see.
  • Hide the WordPress version, title and other WordPress related elements that you don’t want your client to see.
  • You’ll able to perform a complete White Labelling for the client’s site.

Most of what this does you probably can use CSS to hide elements and change the WP logo. However, the amount of customization it offers will save you a lot of time.

Site kit by Google

An all-in-one tool for analytics, tag manager, page speed and other services that Google provides. It has a lot of reporting and management tools. It’s lightweight and is quite effective.

Benefits: NO Ads with all the reporting you need.