How much do you think a Twitch clone would cost?

This estimate includes cloud video storage, moderation, hiring developers, server costs etc. This estimate is only the initial cost and does not necessarily include the upkeep

This is a tough cookie to answer. The general development cost will start from USD $25,000 based on research I’ve done, e.g.

I can honestly understand why the cost is so expensive especially if you think about the different human resources and specialist needed to properly develop, scale and secure a twitch-like website. Example lets say we have a minimum of 3 individuals on the team to build the MVP in 6 months at a minimum salary of 1k per month. At the end of the 6 months of building the MVP, the labour cost will sum up to 18k. Now, if you think about server cost, hardware and software needed, security checks and other components, it can easily surpass the USD $25,000 mark. Therefore, to be safe, I would say double that figure to $50,000 minimum to ensure you have room to get specialist to help build and scale the platform as well as acquiring the necessary licenses to stream videos.

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