Guides on: How to write a Software Developer CV

The purpose of this topic is to provide a collection of guides for writing resume / cv in software development and other related roles.

This was a good read. I agree with many points they presented however there are some which I rebuke.

Firstly, when adding skills to a software developer CV do not quantify your skills. Example: My React skills are 75%. It is subjective, there are no standards to use, so you might sell yourself short. Also, there is no such thing as 100% competency as technology evolves. Are you sure you know everything about the language? Furthermore, If a recruiter does not like your percentage you won’t move forward in the process. There is no way you can win by quantifying your skills.

Secondly, do not put your photo in your resume unless specifically told to. It leads to discrimination which may prevent you from moving forward in the process. I’ve learnt the hard way.

Recruiters spend an average of 7 seconds looking at your resume. They don’t go in-depth so make sure the summary is good, your skills apply to the job and you have relevant experience.

Build a professional Resume

A tool that I recommend for creating your resume is Rxresume. It’s a free resume generator built with React and Gatsby. I use it and can vouch that it produces quality.
A word to the wise is to download your resume as a PDF, don’t send a link to it. It’s not mobile responsive :slight_smile:


As for how to structure your resume, Taylor Desseyn (a recruiter for software developers) did an insightful video on the topic:

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