Getting the Community forum RSS feed

If you’re interested in accessing all the posts on the forum in an RSS feed, you can visit:

RSS for Categories

However, if you’re only interested in particular categories, follow these steps:

  1. Select a category from the all categories dropdown menu, e.g. Local Communities. The URL should display the URL for the category, e.g Local Communities - Jamaican Developers Community Forum.
  2. Append .rss to the URL of the category, e.g. Local Communities - Jamaican Developers Community Forum

You can follow the above steps to get the RSS feed for any category.

RSS for tags

Similar to the steps for Category RSS, you can navigate to any tag on the site, e.g.<<tag-name>>

Afterwards, add .rss at the end, e.g.<<tag-name>>.rss

For more information about access discourse RSS feed, see RSS feed for category latest discussion on the Discourse forum.