Fwd: Introducing DigitalOcean Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Trust Platform

We’ve got some news that might interest you, especially if you use DigitalOcean for professional projects, or if you’ve ever wished that you could.

We’re pleased to introduce you to DigitalOcean Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and our new Trust Platform. Together, these make it easier to architect and run serious business applications with even stronger security and confidence.

What is VPC?

DigitalOcean has, for a while now, allowed you to run resources you create within a private network. Once enabled, Private Networking creates a second network interface that is only accessible by resources within the private network.

VPC is the a natural progression of our existing functionality, and boasts these improvements:

  1. VPC allows you to create multiple private networks for your account or your team, instead of having just one private network.
  2. DigitalOcean can auto-generate your private network’s IP address range, or you can specify your own.
  3. You can now configure Droplets to behave as Internet gateways.

DigitalOcean VPC makes secure networking simple

If you’ve previously enabled Private Networking for your resources, you don’t need to do anything new to take advantage of VPC. Your account’s previous private network has now been converted into a ‘default’ VPC; no action required.

But if you’re interested in creating multiple private networks for your account or team, know that it’s easy as can be. Simply navigate to the ‘VPC’ tab within the ‘Networking’ section of your dashboard, and follow a few quick steps.
For more guidance regarding how to use VPC, please consult our documentation.
Trust Platform: your hub for all things security and privacy

Many businesses demand features like VPC, and also want to understand how we secure our infrastructure and protect customer data. Today, we’re pleased to direct you to our new Trust Platform. This new microsite provides you one place to get all of your security and privacy questions answered, and download our available security certifications.

Get started with DigitalOcean and VPC today

You can use VPC to create as many private networks as you want, and traffic within them is free. To learn more about VPC and our network infrastructure, please join me for a webinar a few weeks from now.

Business users who would benefit from further information regarding VPC and other DigitalOcean products should contact our sales team or support, as appropriate.

Happy coding!
Rafael Rosa, Senior Product Manager

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