Dynamic custom domain and subdomain routing in Laravel

For an application that I’m building, I was faced with the problem of dynamic custom domain and subdomain. Meaning, each user and customer can have their own custom domain and a subdomain of the main site.
E.g. Oshane is a customer. Oshane can have:

To accomplish this, I googled.

The first thing I came across was the Laravel docs, of course. However, it wasn’t enough. After some amount of searching, I found two solutions, which I combined to form my solutions.

In the web.php file, add the following lines:

// Match my own domain
Route::group(['domain' => config('app.domain_url')], function() {
  Route::any('/', function()
        return 'My own domain';

// Match a subdomain of my domain
Route::group(['domain' => '{subdomain}.'.config('app.domain_url')], function() {
  Route::any('/', function()
        return 'My own sub domain';

// Match any other domains
Route::group(['domain' => '{domain}'], function() {
  Route::any('/', function()
        return 'other domain';

This solution was taken from Route group for any domain | Laravel.io. However, it didn’t truly solve the custom domain feature ['domain' => '{domain}'] in an elegant fashion.

Afterwards, I added a new config in the app.php file.

'domain_url' => preg_replace('#^https?://#', '', rtrim(env('APP_URL', 'http://localhost'),'/')),

Finally, I edited the App/Providers/[email protected] method to look like the following:

public function boot()
        \Route::pattern('domain', '[a-z0-9.\-]+'); 

The code above solved the issue that I was having with the first solution in an elegant manner. For more details, read Dynamic custom domain routing in Laravel | by Joe Lennon | Medium.

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Thank you for this tutorial.

  1. It’s possible using www.domain.com too? or just domain.com ?
  2. For the domain to work, do I need to add it to my CPanel and point to the laravel root folder?
  1. Yes, it does.
  2. Each subdomains should be pointed to the main domain. You can create a CNAME record that points to your main domain, which is point to the root of the laravel app. You can also create a wildcard subdomain.