Decopile C++ Executables

I have an executable file I have been struggling to reverse engineer. I did my research on how to find the language it was coded in or the compiler used to compile it, I ended up with enough information to know it was developed in C++ however I have no clue how to dump it and google isn’t being a good sport at the moment so if any of you guys are C++ experts, let me know what am working with.

Hi @Roshane,
I haven’t done C++ in years… It’s a forgotten talent of mine. However, I asked someone from a whatsapp gorup and this was the feedback…

I quote…

hmmm, he’s up for a ruff journey, most if not all C++ compilers these days does name-mangling and a whole lot of other stuff that will make the code almost if not totally unreadable… his best hope is that the person who compiled it did so with debugging information (highly unlikely)…. since his goal is to reverse engineer, his best option is to google “open source alternative to [program]” and read through the code there

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I ended up figuring this out and just resorted to coding my own version in C#, to put it simple it was hell.

Is it possible for u to share a sample of what u did? Just in case anyone has a similar problem

Ok. glad that it worked out for you