Cybersecurity and Testing Series

The Cybersecurity and Testing Series aims to demonstrate how to build security, quality assurance and compliance into your development pipelines, hosted by DevOps, QA and Security practitioners.

Sessions are held every 2nd Saturday at 2:30 pm for 1 hour and the hosts are:

Gavin Dennis

Director at G5 Cyber Security, Inc. Founder of The Caribbean Cyber Security and Privacy Association (CSPA) Ltd.
Gavin has supported companies internationally to help protect them from cyber attacks and breaches and has championed the growth of Caribbean Cyber Security communities.


Oshane Bailey

Community Leader for Docker Jamaica, Co-Founder of Jamaican Developers and CEO of Osoobe Ltd.
Oshane is a Full Stack Engineer with several years of international experience in the tech industry and a long time advocate for the DevOps Community.

Sessions are sponsored by:

Jamaican Developers Group
Caribbean Cybersecurity and Privacy Association:
Osoobe Ltd:
G5 Cybersecurity Ltd :
Vertis Technology Ltd :
Particular Presence Technologies Ltd :

Security Communities

If you want to join a regional security-focused community, here are some useful links below.

Join the Caribbean CyberSupport Discord :

Join the Cybersecurity and Privacy Association:

join the Caribbean Women in InfoSec Discord:

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