Clarity about the Video / Voice Recording. We are asking you to provide a voice recording, not a video recording

This post is aimed at providing clarity of about the audio recording for the introduction video for trainers.

Are trainers required to do a video recording of themselves?

  • No, trainers are not supposed to.
  • We are not asking you to do a video recording of yourself.
  • We are asking you to provide a voice recording.
  • The voice recording will be used to create an animated video of each trainer

What’s the use case for the animated videos?

  • It is used to introduce the trainers and mentors, similar to how event speakers would do an introductory video or post for an event.
  • The videos will be published on the virtual classroom website along with the various social media pages.

What should the voice recording contain?


As a trainer/mentor you have the options of either doing a video or an audio recording.
Your intro should be between 2-3 mins and answer the following questions:

What is your Career Profile?


  • Tell the audience your full name.


  • Tell them a nickname you’ve been given over the years or an interesting fact about you that you like and would like to share(this makes the viewer more comfortable in being interested in what you have to say).

Professional Title:

  • Tell us your current title and what it involves. Then list the relevant titles that lead up to where you are now(this paints a picture for viewers in or starting the same career journey)


  • State whether your career goal/journey is where you want it to be (meaning if you are focusing on where you are now and continuously sharpening your craft or working towards the next step).


  • State where you work or what you work on.


  • State what you work on, for yourself, or a hobby of yours.

What kind of Trainer/Mentor are you?


  • State what style of guidance you like to provide(unique to you).

What are your skill sets?


  • State what concepts/technologies or areas you are proficient in or interested in.

What do you aim to achieve from the program?


  • Tell us what your expectations of the programme are and what goal you hope to achieve.

Share your knowledge base, what is your skillset?

Skills and Knowledge:

  • What key skills do you think you own that make you?


  • What information/news stimulates you and keeps you afloat? (What media do like to consume, whether it be social or technical. It can be media you use to refresh yourself mentally, socially or technically)

Why did you become a Trainer/Mentor?

Programme Goal:

  • What do you aim to mainly contribute to or aim to achieve within this programme?


Personal Reason:

  • Be honest, whether it’s a selfless or selfish reason. State the reason and justify it (everyone has their own unique motivations).

Example Introduction Script:

Hi, My name is Donovan Matthie. You can call me Donnie for short. I am a UI/UX Designer. My job involves curating user experience flows and user interface designs for mobile, web, and desktop applications. I also get to participate in prototype testing and customer research. Yup fun stuff. Before I was a designer, I worked as a Web Developer. My goal is to increase awareness of the importance of User Interface and User Experience design and its impact on customer relations, and conversion.
Right now, currently, I’m working at Rizen Tech and I mainly work on mobile applications. In my spare time, I work on javascript libraries for React.
So, I decided to become a trainer in this programme, because I believe that I have seen so many persons end up becoming mediocre or lose their passion because they just aren’t being facilitated in the industry and I would like to help others who may be looking to pursue this path so that they can see the value and opportunities that are there.
I’m pretty accommodating and laid back. If you show me that you’ll put in the effort, then I’ll commit myself to help you get there.

See Issue #6 on Gitlab for more details.

Where should I send the voice recording?

Any of the following methods can be used:

  • You can Whatsapp the voice recording to Oshane, Lateefah or Matthew.
  • You can send an email to [email protected]
  • You can upload the voice recording to Issue #6 on gitlab.