Career Roadmap - State of Software Development in Jamaica

Each year, new trends and technologies shape the tech industry as more and more companies focus on digitally transforming their customer experience and operations. Keeping up with all of these changes is enough to discourage most companies and professionals.

Yes, we know, keeping up with Software Development trends can get frustrating and that’s why we’re here to help you - students and other professionals - with the current trends, practices, workflows and technologies that are used in the industry today.

By building your skills and techniques, the more marketable you become. Share your skills here and let others know about your greatness.

- 0:00:00​ Welcoming Slides

- 0:05:25​ Traits to have as a Developer

- 0:11:40​ Join a Tech Community in Jamaica

- 0:13:30​ Career Roadmap

- 0:16:55​ 1st Panelist Intro - Oswald Smith

  • Background on Software Development

  • Projects built by Oswald such as the

  • Light Bill Tracker App

  • Google Transit for JUTC Bus Routes

- 0:19:00​ 2nd Panelist Intro - Tremaine Buchanan

  • Background on Software Development

  • Importance of certifications and degrees in Software Development

- 0:21:18​ 3rd Panelist Intro - Gavin Dennis

  • Background on Cyber Security

  • Certifications in Cyber Security

  • Importance of certifications in cybersecurity vs certifications in software development

  • Disclaimer and demystifying the steps for becoming Ethical Hacking

- 0:29:30​ 4th Panelist Intro - Akil Aikman

  • Background on Software Development

- 0:33:00​ 5th Panelist Into - Deandrew Moore

  • Background on Software Development

- 0:35:00​ Open Discussion

  • Importance of certifications and degrees

  • Getting started as a software development

  • Recommended courses and learning materials

  • How to gain experience with and exposure to software development

  • Building an online portfolio of projects and accomQplishments

  • Getting hired as a software developer

  • Software development is not about technology, it is about the value that is added. - Tips and resume building for interviews

- 1:00:00​ - Security as a part of Software Development

- 1:17:00​ - Roadmap for transitioning into Software Development

- 1:38:15​ - Current landscape of the tech industry and what is needed for exponential growth.

- 1:54:30​ Feedback from the Audience

- 2:03:15​ Upcoming Virtual Events

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