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Back in 2014, before popular tech communities were founded, developers mostly hung out in hackathons, boot-camps, and if you were a newbie, your best shot to being in a community was joining a computer society at one of the major universities, which worked quite well back then, until the internet made everything a lot easier and fun.

Have you ever struggled with a line of code, and you simply don’t know how you could get it to work?

Every developer at some point even very often finds themselves in this condition. The question is;

Where do we go even when the pros need help?

Well, there are two options always present every time. The first is Google! And the second is Stackoverflow!

But sometimes Stack Overflow, blog posts, forums and Googling are not enough to solve the problem, sometimes, the good old face-to-face works best. Tech communities help you accelerate your learning, and brings you closer to like-minded individuals, who could all be a valuable asset in your journey, and you should be sure to utilise this to your advantage. Everything that makes you better, and ultimately win is an asset! So go ahead, signup to any community, and share in the vision for a better future with technology.

This category aims to facilitate individuals to learn, collaborate, ask questions and share experiences with local tech communities in Jamaica. It also aims to provide information about tech events, jobs, news, resources and other opportunities in the various tech communities.