Interested in doing Google Summer of Code 2021 Internship? Here are some things you should know

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) will begin accepting student applications on March 29, 2021. The global, online program is designed to engage students with open source software communities.

GSoC is a highly competitive and unique program - in the past 16 years, it had over 16,000 students from 111 countries accepted into the program. Participants are paired with a mentor to help introduce them to an open-source community and guide them with their project. GSoC gives students invaluable real-world experience and an opportunity to receive a stipend to contribute to open-source software.

Google will announce the 2021 GSoC open-source mentoring organizations on March 9th. At that point, students will want to check out the project ideas and reach out to the organizations that interest them to learn more about the projects.

We would appreciate your help spreading the word about Google Summer of Code to students in post-secondary academic programs in your networks. Please view some resources below:

  • Website:
  • Student application window: March 29 - April 13, 2021
  • Project Topics Include Cloud, Operating Systems, Machine Learning, Graphics, Medicine, Programming Languages, Robotics, Physics, Science, Security and many more.

Details of the program are available on the program site and are sure to check out the Advice for Students for quick tips and the Student Guide for more details on the whole program.

Any follow up questions, feel free to contact: [email protected]

GSoC Resources

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This is cool, I’m still a novice and I got back into programming consistently since this month. What does it take to get into the program ?

There are not a lot of requirements for Google Summer of Code, but I’ll list the ones that are important here.

  1. You must be a student currently enrolled at a tertiary institution
  2. You should experience in coding even if it’s less than 1 years and shows that you have the technical competence code, even if it’s just building a calculator. Therefore, it’s best to have a minimum of 6 months
  3. You must be available for the summer to code.

That’s it.

Also, we are going to keep a virtual session on March 4th about Google Summer of Code. The Program Manager of Google, Stephanie Taylor. You can RSVP to the event: Google Summer of Code Intro + Q&A Session with Stephanie Taylor | Meetup

GSoC Resources

I just wanted to ask something related to the pitching for GSoC organizations
Why do they value the pitch more than a candidates ability to code and/or meet deadlines?

GSoC / organisation is not about the pitches, it is more about candidates ability to contribute to open source and meeting deadlines with effective communication.

The proposal is not a pitch, its like your CV or resume.

They need to know who you are, your level of experience and whether or not have the personality to complete tasks and bond well with a community. Therefore, the proposal is more about you giving information about you and the project you want to achieve.

So it’s more than just saying what you’d like to work on and giving recommendations.
You’re also selling yourself, telling them why you’re the best fit, right?

Yes and no…
Yes, it is like any other job, internship and opportunity you need to sell yourself.
No, it’s not about the best fit. It’s about whether you’re capable or not, especially for the projects you want to take on.

So how would someone who hasn’t contributed to open source before the show that they are capable?

Anyone who’ve contributed before can add their list of open source projects in their proposal.

Currently, I’m attending a university in Jamaica, but I live in another Caribbean country. Should I apply from Jamaica or my country that I reside?

That’s a fascinating question. I think the answer is, your application is based on your university. You can put your country of residency on your application, but you’ll need to provide a status letter to show that you’re enrolled in a university.

Nevertheless, I’ll ask the Stephanie or find the answer to your question.

Related questions on GSoC FAQ page:
I attend a community college (or a junior college) can I still participate?

Yes, we hope you do! You just need to show the proof of enrollment in your college program.

:point_down: Response from Stephanie Taylor

When the student registers it will ask for home address (which would be the other country where they are currently residing). Then when they submit their proof of enrollment it will be for their school in Jamaica. The stipends amounts are based on where your school is located.

How can I access the recording for the Student Info Session + Q&A?

Access it here : GSoC 2021 - Student Info Session + Q&A

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